023 Fresh Start/Ecological All-Purpose Primer

Product Description

A high quality ecological, 100% acrylic primer formulated to adhere to a wide range of interior substrates. Use on walls, wood, plaster, concrete, bricks, gysum board, ceramic tile, formica, non-ferrous metal, glass and rigid PVC. Applies easily with minimal roller spatter and odor. Hides well and dries quickly, 023 FRESH START Acrylic Eco Primer provides outstanding adhesion and sealing. It can be used under acrylic or enamel paints as well as over new and previously painted surfaces. It is certified by ASAOS and fulfils the criteria of the European Union Eco Label Board.

Perfomance Features:

  • Penetrates to seal the surface.
  • Stabilizes loose, powdering concrete.
  • It stands up to alkalinity.
  • Use on exterior and interior porous surfaces.
  • Quick dry, recoat same day

Colors: Available in White and Deep Color Base. White may be tinted with Moor-O-Matic colorants.

04 Deep Base Primer: Is used where the symbol Δ is indicated.When tinted will provide a hiding base coat suitable for use under deep and intense colors.

Toxicity: Formulated without lead or mercury.

Packing and Storage:

Sizes: 1 litre, 3 litres

Flash Point: none

Storage: not hazardous, no special requirements


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