056 Acrylic Elastomeric Waterproof Roof Coating

Product Description

A high build, flexible, 100% acrylic waterproof coating especially designed for tiled or concrete roofs and the surrounding areas.

When applied according to directions, it provides a weather and temperature resistant coating that is flexible enough to bridge minor surface cracks as they develop, which helps maintain the waterproof nature of the coating.

Performance Features

  • Thick, elastic coating bridges minor cracks as they develop.
  • Waterproofs roofs and roof structures.
  • Resistant to ponded water.
  • Excellent adhesion.

Colors: White. May be tinted with Moor-O-Matic colorants to light colors.

Toxicity: Formulated without lead or mercury.

Gloss Level: 5 – 15 at 60o viewing angle.

Packaging and Storage

Sizes: 1 litre, 3 litres, 10 litres

Flash Point: none

Storage: not hazardous, no special requirements


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