090 Penetrating Wood Preservative Water Based

Product Description

A water based wood preservative, which features deep penetration, elasticity, quick drying.

Breathable blister resisting coating. Formulated with new technology powerful additives which protects woodworm, insects, fungi, blue stains and micro-organisms. Ideal for new or old bare wood such as doors, windows, railings, lawn furniture, pergolas and others.

Performance Features

  • Protects wood against insects, fungi, mould, blue stains and every kind of micro-organisms.
  • Deep penetration and elasticity.
  • Allows wood to breath.
  • Easy application, dries quickly.
  • For interior/Exterior use.

Colors: Clear. Can be tinted to produce colors using Benjamin Moore Color Card.

Toxicity: Formulated without lead or mercury.

Gloss Level: Flat 0-5.

Packaging and Storage

Sizes : 0,75 litre, 2,25 litres

Flash Point: none

Storage: Refer to Safety Data Sheet


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