572 MooreStyle Alkyd Undercoat

Product Description

A superior quality, smooth flowing alkyd-based undercoat for use on wood. It is also used in the preparation of plaster walls. Easy sanding, high opacity and hold-out combine to make it ideal for use under both acrylic and enamel Wood & Metal topcoats. Formulated without lead.

Perfomance Features

  • Excellent hiding.
  • Sands easily.
  • Gives a smooth surface for a quality finish.
  • Use on interior or exterior surfaces.
  • Suitable for high use or commercial areas.

Colors: White. May be tinted with Moor-O-Matic colorants to light colors for additional hiding.

Toxicity: Formulated without lead or mercury.

Gloss Level: Flat.

Packaging and Storage

Sizes: 0,75 litre ,  2,5 litre

Flash Point: 44oC (Abel)

Storage: PAINTS, flammable liquid


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